Stitch markers

The stitch markers I make are amazing.  I'm tooting my own horn, but from one knitter to another, I LOVE these stitch markers.  They are made out of fine (aka pure or 999) silver and are completely seamless.  No solder, no nothing.  This means that the stitch markers are free from other metals that you may be allergic to, and there's no join to get caught on you yarn.

My stitch markers come in three sizes: small, medium, and large.  Small is guaranteed to fit a US size 8 (5mm) needle, medium will fit a US size 10 1/2 (7mm), and large will fit a US size 15 (10mm).  Due to how these rings are textured, the metal expands beyond a perfect 5, 7, or 10mm.  This guarantees that they fit their target size, and will never be too tight.  You might even be able to use them on a larger needle than recommended.

My stitch markers also come in two styles: beaded and plain.  Plain stitch markers are just simple silver rings.  They, like all my stitch markers, are textured with a hammer and polished to a high shine.  Beaded stitch markers have crystal, pearl, or gemstone beads on a handmade, fine silver headpins that dangles from the stitch marker.


Do you have a favorite color that isn't in my shop?  Send me a message about a custom set of stitch markers!

Shawl Pins

Just like my stitch markers, my shawl pins are wonderful!  They too are handmade from fine silver, hammered, and polished.  Each shawl pin consists of a solid ring and a flexible stick that is used to pierce the layers of your garment.

Shawl pins come in two sizes: small and large.  The small size is great for lighter weight or thinner knits, while the large size is perfect for a big snuggly wrap.

These shawl pins are polished to perfection to make sure that no sharp burs or edges remain before I list them in my shop.  The quality of my work and the safety of your knitting are my highest concerns.


Penannular brooches are a special type of pin that was developed in the medieval times.  The pin of the brooch is attached to the ring, making it easier to manage than my other shawl pins that have separate pieces.  I offer my penannulars in three metals: copper, jeweler's brass, and fine silver.  The fine silver brooches come in three different finishes: shiny silver, rainbow patina, and black oxidized.  The cooper and brass will naturally patina as they age, making them truly unique.  Due to the construction of these pins,  they work well for all types of shawls and are more durable than my traditional shawl pins.  I would recommend my penannulars to anyone that wants an easy to use and affordable accessory to wear on all of their knitting.

Cable Needles

My cable needles are made from copper and jewelers brass for ensured durability.  They will work for any gauge.  Like my other knitting accessories, they are polished to a high shine.  However brass and copper will naturally age and develop a unique patina over time.  I use these cable needles in my own knitting and I can ensure that they are easy to use and much more satisfying than they plastic alternative!