About Me

Hello!  My name is Drew and I'm the artist/entrepreneur behind Mission Knitpossible!  I have many hobbies like playing the piano, drafting, graphic design, and reading, but my two true PASSIONS are knitting and jewelry making(I made the septum piercing in my photo - it's fake!).  I also need glasses to correct my nearsightedness but I often take them off because I get tired of wearing them.  Those glasses that you see at the top of the page are my actual glasses... not on my face... where they should be...

You'll probably hear me throw around the terms "designer" and "creator."  I claim those words as not only my job titles, but as my personal identifiers.  There has never ever been a day when I haven't designed or created something.  Even when I was a kid, I always had my hands working on something.  "Design" and "creation" also represent what Mission Knitpossible is.


My first introduction to pattern designing forced itself upon me when I worked at my LYS. I started designing patterns for the yarn that wasn't selling. I loved jumping into a project without a pattern and only a little inkling of what I wanted to make. In that time I found out that many knitters are scared of going beyond their comfort zone. I now focus on that with my designs. I design around the the fundamentals while providing a new technique or two so the knitter can get their feet wet and be confident as they move into more complicated projects.

I also wanted to combine my love of making jewelry into knitting. I am enamored with the history of adornment and luxury that is jewelry, and I wanted to bring that beauty into the fiber world! I make fine silver shawl pins and stitch markers by hand so that knitters get to experience their own special form of jewelry and luxury.

My brand is Mission Knitpossible: Design and Creation. I operate with two branches, one for my knitwear design(Design), and another for my silver knitting notions(Creation). My goal is to encourage knitters to do the Knitpossible! I want to educate, motivate, and supply the fiber community with the passion, knowledge, and creativity that I have. It's my goal to give back to the craft that's given so much to me!


I, like all people should, have goals and dreams.  My goals usually revolve around big, but attainable events.  Get published in print, vend at a major fiber festival, pursue my businesses full time, etc, etc.  My dreams are much bigger...

I'd love to have 50 patterns published, sell my knitting accessories to multiple yarn shops, be featured in VOGUE KNITTING, and become a Level 3 Master Hand-Knitter.  All my dreams are attainable(all of your dreams are, too!), but they will take more time, dedication, and effort to make them happen.  Everyday I get a step closer to making these all a reality, and it wouldn't be possible without you.  When I thank my customers and supporters, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.  I wouldn't be able to have a future doing what I love if I didn't have such great support.

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